Finished PomPom

How Do You Make Your Pompoms?

June 06, 2016

So how do you make your pompoms?  I have struggled on many attempts  to make a nice, full attractive pompom and doing it on the cheap.  By that I mean, like wrapping it around cardboard, checkbook cover, small book or anything that would hold my yarn.

But I broke down and purchased this handy gadget and pom pom making has become fun and rewarding.  I now can actually make the pom poms I desired.



One side of maker wrapped.                   Both sides wrapped.



           First side cut.                                      Both sides cut and ready for tying.



       Tied and ready to take off of maker.      Ready for a quick shake to fluff it.



Ready for trimming if needed.

This is the maker I used-Clover Pom Pom Maker

and well worth the price for the amount of time it has saved

me.  Finish off your knitting or crochet project with a professional

looking Pom Pom.


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