Finish Off Your Knitting

The  blanket stitch is a simple way to finish off our very popular Snowman Mittens.. Use it to finish an edge, attach an appliqué or even as a decorative stitch all on its own. This basic stitch is a must-have to learn! For finishing off your Snowman Mittens we suggest using yarn for this stitch.


Thread your needle and knot the tail end. Start by sending your needle up from the back. This should be done about 1/4" in from the edge, or at whatever length you want your stitches to be.  When the cuff of your mitten is folded over, that knot won't be visible.


To get the stitch anchored, poke your needle up from the back again, so that the needle comes out the top at the same spot where you started, creating a loop around the edge.


Bring the needle through the stitched loop, from left to right, along the edge of the fabric. Pull the thread straight up to tighten the stitch.


From the back, take another stitch about a ¼” or so to the left. Pull the thread almost all the way through, leaving a loop. Bring the needle through the loop from front to back before gently pulling it tight. Continue sewing stitches to the left until your edge is finished.


To finish your row of Blanket Stitches, bring the thread to the back through the bottom of your last stitch. To create a knot, turn the fabric over. Bring the thread through the bottom of your last stitch. Leave a loop and bring the needle through the loop, pulling gently to tighten. Repeat to create a second knot for extra durability. Clip the threads to finish your row of blanket stitches. I'm a visual person and sometimes need to see things done in order to understand.  So I've always gone to YouTube to help with this problem.  Here is a video I found helpful-   [embedyt][/embedyt]