It's Almost That Time of Year! Mitten time!

Boiled Wool mittens

It’s now the third week of October and you know what is coming adventually.  The pumpkins are out and Christmas decorations are up in the big box stores. That can only mean one thing: MITTEN SEASON! 

With that being said, we want to highlight a long time favorite-the boiled wool mitten.

Boiled wool mittenss are made by repeatedly boiling heavy wool mittens in hot water until they shrink to the desired size. The boiling process preserves the natural oils occurring in the wool and results in a very tightly woven mitt that is windproof and virtually waterproof. Boiled wool clothing has been around since the Middle Ages and is prized for its warmth and value. 

The mittens retain their shape well through multiple washings as long as you wash them in cold water and blot dry in a towel rather than ringing them out or putting them in a drier. When washing use a very gentle detergent like Woolite and rinse well.

Why not give a pair a try?  We have our Boiled Wool Mitten kits onsale.  And just in time for you to get a pair finished before the cold weather sets in.  Also perfect for Christmas gift giving.

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