Summer Fun With Dyeing!

Summer time is the time where I restock and get ready for the cool season.  It's also a time where I can take the time to experiment with some ideas floating around in my head.

I've never done much with dyeing my own sock yarns but being I have a large stock of undyed yarn I thought it was time to give it a try.  I also have several flat bed knitting machines so my first experiment is knitting my own sock blanks and dyeing them.  I knit my first two blanks with double strands of yarn.  Doing this you can unravel the blank when finished, knit it up and your socks should be identical.

Here are some pictures of the blanks being dyed and processed.

Picture #1-I'm just getting some of my colors applied for a rainbow result.

Picture #2-I've added a black section in hopes it will create a stripe.

Picture #3-Processing or setting the color in my microwave.

Picture #4-The first finished result.  Although the stripes don't line up perfectly, I still like the affect.

Picture #5-My second attempt and I think the stripes look better.