Minnesota Custom Woolens

Light Lacy Alpaca Scarf, 5 Different Colors, Wool Alpaca Scarf, Dress Scarf

A light lacy alpaca scarf, handmade out of a lovely yarn that is 20% alpaca, 60% wool and 20% nylon. This was a particularly soft and fine fleece, and the scarf is light, soft and warm. The scarf is wide enough and long enough to tie, wrap and drape in lots of different ways and will take you from the cool of a summer evening to the depths of winter.

Alpaca is a light, soft and warm fibre with a very low 'prickle factor' and no lanolin, so most people who find sheep's wool difficult to wear next to the skin have no problems wearing alpaca.

Stylish to be worn casual or for dress. Available in 5 different colors and measures approximately 9" x 52"
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