Our Antique Knitting Machines

All of our knitting at Minnesota Custom Woolens is done on antique machines that require alot of patience, knowledge and mechanical capabilities.  I run two different type of machines, mechanical and hand crank.  The major difference between the two are the power supplied to make the machine knit.

The mechanical machines are English made Bentley Komets and were used in production in the 1940's.  Extremely large, they are not the type you move around or are you able to take with you.  These machines knit our Angora/Wool and Alpaca Socks.


The Hand Cranked machines are the same as the mechanical, as they knit one pair at a time.  The biggest difference is the size and they are powered by you.  With these machines I'm able to use a wider variety of yarn sizes and can make multiple items.  These little machines make all of the Hand Cranked socks, our Fingerless Mittens and all of our Knit Hats.