Knitting Knotes

  • How to Wear Our Infinity Scarves

    An infinity scarf is a large, closed loop of fabric that can be worn in a variety of trendy ways. View Post
  • What Are The Benefits of Alpaca Products?

    You may have seen the South American animal named Alpaca, closely resembling the Llama. They are quite visible grazing the grasslands of Peru. However, the fibers from these Alpacas are great for making winter wear. The designers have woken up to the Alpaca benefits for making these clothing more... View Post
  • Enjoy! Tips For Enjoying The Process

    I started knitting over  40 years ago by reading and re-reading a "Beginners Guide to Knitting".  At that time there wasn't videos or YouTube to watch,  so my knitting was filled with frustration, trial, and error.  Luckily enough my mother was a knitter also and she walked me through my many pr... View Post
  • Handcranked? What Do You Mean?

    Handcranked socks are those done by hand cranking a circular sock knitting machine. View Post
  • In The Beginning

    I’ve been asked often where did I learn to knit and run those machines.  The answer-my Mom!  That’s where this fascination with yarn began! View Post
  • Finish Off Your Knitting

    The  blanket stitch is a simple way to finish off our very popular Snowman Mittens. View Post