Knitting Knotes

  •   1. Many of us associate wool with sheep, but other mammals — including alpacas, camels and goats — also produce fibers that can be twisted into yarn and then textiles. 2. It’s possible humans started making wool after noticing that, as the fibrous hairs were scraped from the hide of an animal... View Post
  • My Early Morning Surprise!

    At Minnesota Custom Woolens we only use natural animal fibers! Why and what are these fibers?  Well the ones we include in this list are llama, alpaca, wool, and angora. Why? In America, we have been taken over by synthetic materials.  Polyesters, nylons, and rayons are everywhere. These material... View Post
  • How Do You Make Your Pompoms?

    So how do you make your pompoms?  I have struggled on many attempts in making pom poms for hats, a nice, full attractive pompom as I use them on so many of my hats. View Post