In The Beginning

I’ve been asked often where did I learn to knit and run those machines.  The answer-my Mom!  That’s where this fascination with yarn began!

I don’t ever remember my mom sitting without some form of yarn in her hands.  She first taught me the basics of knitting by hand and running knitting machines in years that followed.  I remember her patience with me and I marvel why she just didn’t quit.  But I know now.  She wanted that knowledge passed along and I think she was happy that I had interest.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to develop my own patterns.  So I started with a simple knitting pattern, a very basic, easy knitting pattern, Our Boiled Wool Mitten Pattern.  I didn’t realize at the time how versatile this pattern would be.  You can knit it plain, add an applique or with stripes of various order or polka dots.  This simple pattern has developed into a wonderful handknitting pattern but coming very soon, a pattern for machine knitters.

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