Benefits of Alpaca Products


You may have seen the South American animal named Alpaca, closely resembling the Llama. They are quite visible grazing the grasslands of Peru. However, the fibers from these Alpacas are great for making winter wear. The designers have woken up to the Alpaca benefits for making these clothing more in recent times. What are the reasons for them to go for Alpaca fibers and what makes them more special?

--Hypo-allergenic natural fibers: Regular sweaters may have nylon wool, which could be itchy or cause rashes on the skin of those wearing them. But the natural Alpaca fibers are hypoallergenic. It is comfortable to wear and not cause any itchiness or allergies whatsoever.

--A wide range of natural shades: Alpaca fibers come in as many as 22 natural shades, which do not even require any dyeing. That makes the Alpaca products more attractive and stylish than the regular wool.

--Naturally warm: Alpaca’s fibers have natural insulators in them since the animal lives in cold mountainsides. This makes the fibers warm naturally and hence the winter wear coming out of these are equally warm. People can drape them or wear these winter wear even in cold regions of the world. The warmth that the alpaca fibers can give you is unbelievable.

--Stain resistant: The Alpaca wool is resistant to stains and hence a perfect choice for those who go for outdoor activities in winter on any terrain. They are perfect for children winter wear too any day for being stain resistant.

--Moisture resistant and lightweight: One of the most practical Alpaca benefits includes the fibers being light in weight. Besides this, the winter wears getting from the Alpaca fibers will be moisture resistant. This makes it a perfect choice for travel blankets. The lightweight product is great for those who detest wearing bulky winter wear.

--Non-stretchable: Unlike regular wool that we use, the alpaca wool does not lose its original self after a couple of washes. This means that your jumper, sweater, or ponchos and scarves will not lose shape. These natural fibers are a popular choice among the designers because of this feature.

Today, shopping for these alpaca products has become easier but it is nevertheless beneficial to buy from reliable stores. Only a few dealers like Minnesota Custom Woolens sell the original Alpaca fibers from South America to the designers around the world.