How Do You Make Your Pompoms?

How do you make your pompoms?  I have struggled on many attempts in making pom poms for hats, a nice, full attractive pompom as I use them on so many of my hats.  And of course, doing it on the cheap.  By that I mean, like wrapping it around cardboard, checkbook cover, small book or anything that would hold my yarn.

But I broke down and purchased this handy gadget and pom pom making has become fun and rewarding.  I now can actually make the pom poms I desire!  What a great way to finish off your hat!

One side of the pompom maker wrapped with my hat yarn.   And finally both sides wrapped.

Once both sides are wrapped, cut one side at a time.  Both sides cut and ready for tying.

Tied and ready to take off of maker. Ready for a quick shake to fluff it.

Ready for trimming if needed. 







Finish off your knitting or crochet project with a professional looking Pom Pom.  This is the maker I used-Pom Pom Maker and well worth the price for the amount of time it has saved me.